Branding and web design

From the logo developed by a previous team on this project from we developed color and type palettes and designed brand collateral including posters, a promotional postcard, an informational brochure, and a website.

Guiding Question

How do we unite all the departments of an interdisciplinary art college under one brand system?


PSU’s BFA in art practice is a unique interdisciplinary program. Students can take classes that span nine disciplines to create a degree that reflects their own artistic interests. My team developed a brand that reflected the program’s choose-your-own-degree-style approach through visual explorations of the lines of the logo mark. The lines act as a guide that draws the eye through information, sometimes splitting or separating — leaving the viewer to choose where to go next.


Portland State University Art Practice BFA Program.


Ariel Fogden, Dom King, Shawn Schmidt.

︎︎︎ Quad-fold brochure

︎︎︎ Poster templates for artist talks

︎︎︎ Web design

︎︎︎ Promotional postcard
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