Web design and development

Speculative website redesign for Disjecta Contemporary Arts Center in Portland, Oregon.


This site is designed around the dynamic and forward-thinking language captured in the organization’s mission statement by providing a unique but navigable experience. Upon venturing to the URL the user is greeted with a white screen and might be left feeling that there’s been an error. But even the slightest movement of the mouse will begin to reveal strips of color on the page. The continuous movement will eventually reveal the center’s logo and an invitation to enter the site.

Once the user has had enough fun with the splash page they will be taken to the home page. The left-hand menu is always present on the screen and provides a high-level overview of the organization’s offerings. Echoing the splash page, the left-hand nav bar changes color as the mouse moves.

Built using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and P5.JS.


Interactive Media

Splash page

Home page, calendar, exhibition information, location + contact page

User interface walk through

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