Identity design, brand strategy

Brand development for a new Design Week Portland event track focused on non-profits. Brief included naming the event, logo development, web design, print and digital promotional elements, and event swag.

This project was a finalist for DWP’s brand design competition, 2019.

Guiding Question

How can we use visual language to draw visitors to the non-profit event track at a design conference?


The brief for this project included coming up with a name for both the event track and the individual events. I came up with the name Good Work because it’s a simple and memorable phrase with layers of meaning that can be played upon for copywriting purposes. After settling on a name I developed a brand system that expresses the fun and collaborative nature of the event track. The dynamic and colorful shapes represent people of various backgrounds and the power they have when they come together and to do good work for a common purpose. The high-five imagery is engaging and readily applicable for a variety of marketing needs.

︎︎︎ Interactive web splash page and website home page. 
︎︎︎ Identity system

︎︎︎ Promotional poster and A-frame for wayfinding outside of the venue.

︎︎︎ Custom promotional notebooks for participants that feature pages for program as well as individual events.

︎︎︎ Staff and volunteer lanyards, promotional pins.
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